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Choose your adventure when you select from one of five available escape rooms at No Escape Iowa. We offer large group discounts that are great for birthday parties or corporate events.

We offer challenging games for all age levels. Show your problem solving skills when you book an escape room at No Escape Iowa! Call  to book an appointment. If we miss your call for any reason, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Group of 8, team name: HBD Jayne, escaped in 49:34
Group of 6, team name: Pizza!!!, escaped in 56:13 mins
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  • Adults (18 and over) $25
  • Teens (13-17) $20
  • Children (9-12) $17
  • Young Children (4-8) $15
  • Little Ones (3 and under) FREE

Large Group Discounts Available!

Teacher's Pet

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A red apple sitting on a desk with an out of focus computer in the background.

Level: Easy

Numbers: Up to six kids or five adults.

Do you remember your kindergarten teacher? Were they nice to you? Did they make you feel welcome and safe at school? If those things were true, you were very lucky! If you are doing The Teacher’s Pet today then sadly you will not be so lucky!

Ms. Canesbottom is your teacher today and she is the meanest teacher in the district. One day she loses it completely and locks all of her students – that’s you – into PERMANENT detention.

This is obviously unacceptable – you have to figure out how to escape the classroom! Teacher’s pet Edmund Suckup might be able to help you… or maybe not!

NOTE: Let the kids do this room on their own and watch from our convenient and comfortable viewing lounge – we’ll even make you a coffee!

Escape from Camelot

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Silhouette painting on a wall of a Camelot knight charging on a horse with hills in the background.

Level: Easy - Moderate

Numbers: Up to six kids or adults.

As a knight of the round table, you’ve been tasked to stop Morgana’s evil plan. Sir Lancelot has betrayed King Arthur and plans to poison his chalice! It’s up to you to swap Arthur’s and Lancelot’s chalices, but Morgana gets word of your plan. Now, your only hope is to free Excalibur to stop her and her son.

Where's the Remote?

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A vintage game of chutes and ladders, with two 6-sided die sitting on a table.

Level: Moderate

Numbers:  Up to 10 kids or adults

While visiting a new town, you and your friends bump into a student named Albert. He invites you to his house to play some games. He is bored as his college roommates have all gone away for the weekend.

You soon discover that games are more than just games in this house – the roommates are all extremely competitive! Things are going fine until you beat Albert at a game of Snakes and Ladders.

Elevated Terror

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Wood panel wall with elevator buttons.

Level: Moderate

Numbers: Up to four kids or adults.

As urban explorers, you find yourself on the 13th floor of an abandoned hotel when a fire alarm goes off. With the stairs collapsed, the only choice is the staff elevator. As you get in and the doors close, the elevator halts. You have no choice but to repair the elevator to get to safety.

Ghostly Figures

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Lit up remote device in front of out of focus grave markers.

Level: Moderate

Numbers:  Up to 12 kids or adults.
Warning: Contains jump scares and references to the occult.

You and your friends stumble upon an ancient and abandoned church and out of curiosity, decide to take a look inside. ​Well, you should have remembered that curiosity killed the cat!

After making some shocking discoveries, you find yourselves captive and in a fight for your lives! Only when you have righted the wrongs that were committed all those years ago will you be free to go!

Game On

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Slightly out of focus vintage board of scrabble with some letters on the board.

Level: Hard

Numbers: Up to four kids or adults.

You have just moved into a new house in a new neighborhood. Your new neighbors invited you over for a night of board games. However, once you get to their house, you discover that their invitation was anything but friendly! You have one hour to prove yourself – that is your intelligence and character or else…

Please note: This is our hardest room and we recommend only those with several successful escapes from other rooms attempt it!